This site is for people who want to build power to make change. Community organising is a method of grassroots social changemaking that has been used for generations by communities made angry by experiences of injustice and moved to make change on their own behalf.

Saul Alinsky, one of the founders of modern broad-based community organising in the US, trained thousands of people to take power and win real victories. He had an Iron Rule, ‘Never do for others what they can do for themselves.’ It’s the Iron Rule because it should never be broken, which is easier said than done! We can start by seeking to learn from each other, and this is a place to do just that.

We are community organisers practicing in the UK and invested in building a network of expertise about the community organising practice for both professional and lay organisers. We are interested in hearing from anyone involved in organising who has something to share about their experience, from faith leaders to academics, professionals organisers to schoolteachers.

All writers contribute in a personal capacity, however, most of us work at the home of community organising in the UK – Citizens UK.

Daniel Mackintosh (@mckdnl) is a Jewish, South African organiser, living in South London with a background in law and South African social movements. He is a believer in institutions and dedicates his energy to building organisations that outlast him. He has been organising in London for 9 years and has supported leaders to build people power organisations in Redbridge and Waltham Forest, and is currently Lead Organiser for West London Citizens. He also does yoga (badly), enjoys hiking and being in nature (you can take the boy out of Cape Town …).

Alistair Rooms (ARooms93) is an organiser, who works in the Borough of Newham, East London. Someone who is used to crossing cultural divides, he is interested in journeying with people to help them become people of power. He has been organising professionally for 3 years now winning campaigns to resettle refugee families, the Living Wage for workers and to keep young people safe.

Abigail Oyedele (@FolusoAbigail_) is a British Nigerian organiser in Lambeth, South London. She began organising because of her deep dissatisfaction with models of social change that assume marginalised and underdeveloped communities don’t know what they need and can’t make change for themselves. Starting off as a student leader at King’s College London in 2019, she has been a professional organiser since 2021. She loves words obsessively and has a book hoarding problem.