Quick resource to rebuild your institution to become an anti-racist organisation ….

Here are some really excellent resources to begin the work of rebuilding civil society institutions to move from non-racist to anti-racist organisations. These resources are from a US based synagogue (the Hebrew around the Black Lives Matter symbol below says 'Lo Tirtzach', 'Do Not Murder', one of the 10 Commandments). https://kolotchayeinu.org/RWG Continuum_AntiRacist Organisation

Why do you love being an organiser?

By Daniel Mackintosh Organising is a hard job. It often involves some unsocial hours (evening meetings), campaigns that don’t go to plan, struggles to recruit and retain member organisations, tough conversations, many hours of training and coaching and making mistakes. And yet, it is the most rewarding job I have ever done. This blog is … Continue reading Why do you love being an organiser?

Remembering Sr Ita: tips for organising

By Saeed Haque (Senior Citizens Organiser in Birmingham) A year ago, today, we lost our rock: Sr Ita Keane (1945-2019) to a tragic road traffic accident. Sr Ita Keane was the Director of St Mary’s Convent, an inner-city Birmingham Catholic convent established 178 years ago on Hunters Road in Lozells (St Francis Handsworth parish). Home … Continue reading Remembering Sr Ita: tips for organising

Good Neighbours always …

By Heidi Shewell-Cooper Change comes in many forms, through big monumental moments in history not unlike the one we are currently experiencing, through charismatic leaders, through planned campaigns and Citizens actions…… and also through ordinary people taking small intentional decisions to make something better. One of the core aims of Citizens UK is to ‘reweave … Continue reading Good Neighbours always …

A survivor’s Guide to Stockpiling

By Keith Hebden, former Leicester Citizens Organiser. There are two ways to stockpile and panic-hoard; the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way has been well-documented and has led to shortages of food, hand-sanitizer, and – most famously and mysteriously – toilet paper. The second way is what’s keeping my mental health above … Continue reading A survivor’s Guide to Stockpiling

Beyond the Founders – A Journey Towards Reorganising an alliance

By Pete Rogers, Citizens UK Organiser in Nottingham  A few summers ago I started going to my local gym. I'd not long turned 30. My impressively fast metabolism which had until that point in life enabled me to eat whatever the heck I wanted was beginning to slow down,  and for all of my wife's … Continue reading Beyond the Founders – A Journey Towards Reorganising an alliance

Learning by doing: An Organising Summer School

By Joy Faulkner-Mpeho* I have been a youth worker for 12 years, which is my whole adult life! My degree is in youth work and applied theology and I’ve had the joy of working with young people in both rural and urban contexts, spending the last decade working with young people in London. As a … Continue reading Learning by doing: An Organising Summer School

“(Hard) Money Matters”

By Diane Vanette, OneLA leader with Temple Emanuel* Diane shares about the dangers of soft money and the action that OneLA ran over the summer of 2019 to raise $200,000 through dues. There are times when we get so caught up in changing this world from what it is to what it should be we … Continue reading “(Hard) Money Matters”

In organising, we don’t say ‘thank you’

Thank you for the really insightful comments and reflections shared with me by a number of organisers and leaders, many of which have been incorporated into this piece. Saying ‘thank you’ is a vital part of human interaction. When we say ‘thank you’, we recognise a kind/generous deed that someone else did for us. We … Continue reading In organising, we don’t say ‘thank you’

What a victory! Rebuilding social housing in East London

Big housing wins are still possible. At a people's assembly this week, 235 leaders from Waltham Forest Citizens, working with Waltham Forest Council, have agreed to ensure that thousands of social homes are built in the borough by 2022. Waltham Forest Council will build 1400 social rent homes and work with developers to build another … Continue reading What a victory! Rebuilding social housing in East London